Betrayal Is Rarely Sweet

JJ 🦾
2 min readSep 5, 2020

Recently, I was suspended for around 12 hours for calling Jason Whitlock a c**n (I don’t need filters suspending me here too). It had me beyond irate because the article he wrote was perhaps one of the more evil things I’ve read (you can search it for yourself, I’m not giving it any more attention). But, as I created a burner account and stewed, I thought about something.

I think to myself how treason in any society has one of the most severe punishments imaginable. Oftentimes, if you‘re charged with treason, your sentence will be death. I think in the case of a black man actively writing articles to undermine his own people, the punishment should obviously be much less severe. However, people like that need to be ostracized socially and be allowed to see the grave error of their ways.People of the African diaspora have been fighting against the effects of white supremacy and slavery for at least 400 years. We have numerous examples in history of black people subverting their own people to help the white population enforce superiority. From overseers, to Uncle Toms,to agents within political organizations, to many conservative personalities, the theme is clear.

What those people who go against their interest don’t realize, is that there is no reward on the other side. Speaking out against black interests and black advancement will gain you the approval of many white people who are uncomfortable with that proposition, but it won’t get you anywhere long term. Diamond and Silk said Trump was the greatest thing since sliced bread and loved everything he did, now he’s essentially disassociated with them and they’re suing Fox News. Herman Cain and his ilk were dancing in Tulsa without masks during the pandemic, and sadly he has died from coronavirus and Trump has barely given him a second thought. Over and over, throughout history, we see this happen and we see when push comes to shove, you’re black first in the eyes of these people before you are ‘enlightened’. They’re the puppeteers and will cut off the strings when you are no longer useful to them or decide to not follow their viewpoint anymore.

With that in mind, why would you poison your mind to such wayward thinking? Who of your own people would want to associate with you or even be seen with you? Will your soul find peace from the ultimate betrayal of your essence? These are questions many people who tap dance will have to answer. I pray they’re at peace with the answer.