Thoughts on the Train

JJ 🦾
2 min readMay 13, 2021

We are in the midst of a rebirth. The rebirth of our collective American psyche. Today, Joe Biden and the CDC announced that masks were no longer necessary outdoors and at most indoor functions for the fully vaccinated. While this is met with cynicism by some and defiance by others (i.e. we’ve *been* doing this) for me it symbolizes change. It symbolizes beginning to remove the horror that this pandemic has inflicted on our minds, bodies, and souls. We can’t bring back the people this disease has taken away, but we can live in a way to honor their memories. We can begin to use the knowledge that solitude has granted us to hopefully create a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow that strips away some of the old norms that has created what led to today. On 5/13, our optimism is reborn. As a quick side note, I encourage everyone who is able to get vaccinated to get the shot, because society isn’t waiting around. Humanity always moves on

Zach Wilson and his family has polarized for the Jets fanbase with his outdated opinions. America has voted en masse to remove Trump. My thoughts on this are simply that fans don’t have to make excuses for bad thinking because he’s on the Jets. The way he and his family thinks are sorely outdated to put it kindly and outright bigoted to be more concise. On the same token, many fans can’t say this is the final straw when the owner of the team literally worked for Donald Trump and has multiple reports of saying racist and sexist things. What can be done is acknowledging the biases and dissonance that most of us have when it comes to following sports and go from there. Everyday, I see fanbases excuse domestic abuse, crime, gun charges, assault, even murder simply because the player plays for the team they love. Morals sadly don’t matter in professional sports. Much like gladiators of old, this is just how society is for better or worse. Just entertain us. I hope Wilson will learn from his experience in nyc and open up his perspective and see old way of thinking is damaging. I also hope he understands that he and his family are under a microscope.

I just finished Resident Evil 8 and with no spoilers, I will say it’s a phenomenal game. It’s not ‘jump scare’ scary so to speak like resident evil 2 or 7, but there’s a lot of very subtle horrors. I enjoy the fact that we play as a relative civilian in this situation and not an experienced super soldier. You consistently hear terror in his voice at next monstrosity. The combat and gameplay was good, if not a little easy on standard mode. I also enjoyed the scenery and supporting documentation, as always with the Resident Evil series. I’ll give this game a solid B+.

The sun was shining today, and I felt rejuvenated. See you all next time!