Thoughts on the Train

The NBA Play In tournament was very good last night. You had Spurs vs grizzles with Spurs trying to make furious comeback and then you had Lakers vs Warriors. That game was what Adam Silver envisioned when promoting this. Two teams with plenty of star power playing a tight defensive game to the end. Lebron James hitting the ‘I can’t see’ 3 will just be another chapter in the Curry-James rivalry.

There’s just one problem though; this caliber game is likely not happening in the future. You’re not going to luck into this particular matchup again and the games will more likely look like what the pacers-hornets game was two days ago (a blowout). The play in tournament is better than the usual scenario of teams tanking for a month and a half, but I feel like it can be refined somehow. Either have all games be win or go home or expand it to the 5–8 seeds as a chance to reseed. The tournament could be over 2–4 days in a neutral arena, if you must. I think it’ll lessen odds on a super trash team making playoffs and it’ll allow more intensity for both top and bottom half of NBA seeding.

Sometimes I think I can be a stubborn person. I’m not outwardly stubborn to where it’s easy to see, but I’m weirdly good at deflecting statements kindly and moving along. It’s not because I don’t believe in other person’s advice, it’s more because I believe in trying to work out solutions myself and without doing that you become reliant on others. Or they can take credit for your success. It’s a bad mindset, but for me it’s how I live. However, over past few weeks I’ve realized that no man was an island and that we’re interconnected. I should take that fact more into account and then I’ll be a better person. So I will listen more to what people say.

I’m excited to get back into flag football. It’s such a stress reliever for me plus it was a good way for cardio and meeting people. I’ll probably be out there like Jason Witten in his late career, but I’ll still be pass rushing like Von Miller.



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