Transition Inspiring Fear

JJ 🦾
2 min readSep 19, 2020

Right now in my life, I’m anticipating a fair amount of transition. I won’t go into detail on this blog, but if you know me you know what’s going on. I won’t lie and say that there isn’t a little bit of fear. Sometimes you wonder if everything you worked for is going to be ripped from you, whether your hobbies will disappear, or your life alters forever. Sometimes I think my ventures and ambitions will all just fall away as I struggle day by day.

Other days, though…Other days, I think the fear is poorly disguised anticipation of something bigger. A great period of good change in my life, so to speak. That I’ll make more money, be more successful, be more prepared. Live in a better place, have more streams of income, the list goes on. Angels and devils call my name, and it’s a battle daily in my head. Writing this out right now, the light is winning. The light tells me that this is a pivotal moment in my life, a moment that will define me from this point forward.

The light tells me that during this moment, all I can do is prepare. I can’t overly worry about perception or let paranoia seep in my head. For preparation one way or the other will lead me down to success. We all transition in life: We transition from jobs, relationships, love, marriage, friendship, etc…Before, I used to treat each of these transitions as life and death. Thinking to myself what I did wrong or how I messed up or how I can change. But now, I am slowly reminding myself that I have to be like water and ebb and flow with the times. I remind myself that even though it’s a scary time, I don’t have to be scared. By doing that, my capacity for growth remains infinite.